Coming Soon: TYCO’s Virginian Alco C-430

Coming Soon: TYCO’s Virginian Alco C-430

The Third Quarter 2020 edition of HO Collector will include a survey of TYCO’s Virginian Alco C-430 diesel locomotives. How many different versions were produced? When were they available? Find out in HO Collector’s cover story on TYCO’s Virginian C-430s.

TYCO Virginian C-430

TYCO’s Virginian C-430s

Did Virginian employ blue and yellow for its fleet of diesel and electric locomotives? Did the road own Alco’s four-axle Century 430 diesel? You’ll read about TYCO’s C-430 models decorated for Virginian and find out about the possible prototypes and inspiration for the colors used on these HO models in the coming third quarter 2020 edition of HO Collector.

Tank Car

Triple-Dome 62-foot Tank Cars

A collector favorite… HO-scale first saw a plastic model of a 62-foot tank car in the early 1970s. Did this model have a prototype? TYCO introduced this triple dome 62-foot tank car and other versions followed from several sources. Tony Lucio will look at the models and note the variations in this HO Collector article.

Revell Operating Hopper

Operating Hopper Sets

The coming HO Collector will continue Revell coverage began in the second quarter 2020 edition with a look at that company’s Operating Hopper set. This was one of HO’s first operating accessories and is an important release for collectors.

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This article was posted on: April 13, 2020