SECOND QUARTER 2019: The second part of Tony Lucio’s survey of Fairbanks-Morse C-Liner diesel locomotive models presents AHM and IHC Hobby offerings. This feature covers this well-known HO replica from the early 1960s through its most recent release in the late 1990s. Also in this edition you’ll find a history of Central Valley models, Cox’s Big Pine Lumber series, and AHM’s American Railroads releases. All this and more in the Second Quarter 2019 issue of HO Collector!

Current Issue

Second Quarter 2019

Vol. 3, No. 2


Cars of the Good Old Days: The Central Valley Story

by Don Ball — The author shares his experiences and knowledge of vintage Central Valley freight car kits and related detail accessories in this interesting overview of this well-known hobby manufacturer.

C-Liners from A to Z: AHM Through IHC

by Tony Lucio — The second part of a survey of C-Liners picks up the story in the early 1960s with the model’s arrival in the AHM line and continues to its most recent appearance from IHC Hobby.

Big Pine Lumber

by Tony Cook — Introduced by Cox in the mid-1970s, this series of logging railroad accessories is an interesting group to consider collecting. This article presents the Big Pine Lumber line and follows its availability from the 1970s to the present.

Collecting American Railroads

by Tony Cook — This year marks the 150th anniversary of the driving of the Golden Spike linking the U.S. by rail. There are many collectible items relating to this event. Take look at AHM’s American Railroads releases reproducing the train that operated during the 1969 centennial.


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