FOURTH QUARTER 2019: Tony Lucio uncoils the mystery of the Evans coil car and the classic HO replica in the new issue. You’ll see examples of this early 1970s release from a variety of hobby companies, though all models came from the same manufacturer. You likely have at least one of these interesting freight cars in your collection… now find out the story about it. All this and more in the Fourth Quarter 2019 issue of HO Collector!

Current Issue

Fourth Quarter 2019

Vol. 3, No. 4


Uncoiling a Mystery: Evans Integral Cover Coil Car

by Tony Lucio — Examine Kader’s early 1970s coil car model and its Evans prototype. This popular freight car appeared in several product lines.

TYCO’s mid-1960s Chrome

TYCO offered selections from its line featuring chrome finish beginning in 1964. Among the planned releases was to be a return of the 1950s Talgo Train.

Life-Like’s BUILDEMS Line of the early

by Tony Cook — Survey Life-Like’s structure kits of the early 1970s, including one of the most sought-after collectibles, a reproduction of a McDonald’s restaurant in HO scale.

An Introduction to Train-Miniature

by Tony Cook — A favorite line of collectors, Train-Miniature produced a wide assortment of road names and collector series releases for its freight car kits. Take a look at the beginnings of this popular company.

An HO Predecessor: Bing Table Top Railway

by Joe Kurilec — The author presents his first HO Collector feature with this intriguing look at a line of model trains that helped establish the hoband HO scale itself.


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