2ndQUARTER 2018:  While the General Electric E60 represented the latest in electric locomotive technology, it saw few customers outside of Amtrak. That didn’t stop the model manufacturers from offering colorful fantasy models decorated for a variety of road names! David Otte explores the world of E60s while Tony Cook digs deeper into little-known model manufacturer American GK. We dust off those old wood craftsman kits while we take a look back at the brief history of model trains offered by Cox. All this and more in the 2nd Quarter 2018 issue of HO Collector!

Current Issue

2nd Quarter 2018

Vol. 2, No. 2


An Introduction to Cox HO Trains

by Tony Cook — Introduced at the beginning of the 1970s, enjoy this overview of the popular train line from its origins to afterlife.

General Electric’s E60s

by David Otte — Take a look at General Electric’s modern 1970s efforts at building electric locomotives, and the American GK and Bachmann models of the E60-series.

American GK and Archaeology

by Tony Cook — Remember American GK? Known for its pair of GE E60-series electric locomotive models, there’s more to discover about this short-lived hobby manufacturer.

Revisiting Craftsman Kits

by Joe Altnether — The author presents a brief history of Northeastern Scale Models, Ambroid, and Quality Craft Models kits, builds two examples for you, and provides a collector’s checklist for kits.


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