THIRD QUARTER 2019: Check out The Alco Issue of HO Collector! Features include Co-Editor Tony Lucio’s article on TYCO’s six-axle Alco Super 630, David Otte presents Alco steam with his examination of Pemco’s 4-8-2 Mountain steam locomotive. Co-Editor Tony Cook provides a look at Lima’s C-420 and its incarnations. Plus, HOC’s cover story survey presenting every plastic HO model produced based on Alco prototypes! All this and more in the Third Quarter 2019 issue of HO Collector!

Current Issue

Third Quarter 2019

Vol. 3, No. 3


Miniature Motive Power – Maximum Mystery: TYCO’S Alco Super 630

by Tony Lucio — Take a look at a collector favorite with Co-Editor Tony Lucio’s examination of TYCO’s Alco C-630 introduced in the early 1970s. Loaded with variations, this big six-axle diesel is a collector’s dream.

Alco Diesel Timeline

by Tony Cook — How many plastic models have there been for Alco diesel prototypes? Co-Editor Tony Cook takes the reader through many decades and many models for this survey of HO Alco diesels.

Classic Steam: 4-8-2 Mountain from Pemco and IHC

by David Otte — David Otte returns with another intriguing and important HO-scale steam locomotive model with Pemco’s Alco 4-8-2 Mountain. You’ll see what was originally offered by Pemco and the many variations and revisions for this tooling as it moved to IHC Hobby’s line.

Alco C-420: Two Ways

by Tony Cook — A unique pair of Alco diesel models in HO came from Lima in Italy. Originally aimed at the “train set” market of the hobby, Lima’s C-420 received a makeover and returned in the late 1980s aimed at the more serious hobbyist. You’ll fi nd out about these two C-420s in Co-Editor’s Tony Cook’s look at this interesting model and its numerous releases.

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