WINTER 2017:  From the publishers of Railroad Model Craftsman and Model Railroad News comes the new HO Collector, a new quarterly magazine dedicated to the history of HO scale model trains! In our premiere issue, we track the extensive catalog of models offered by Lindberg Line, including the never-produced General Electric U25B! We take a look at the world of brass imports, starting with the Pacific Fast Mail EMD SD45s. Editor Tony Cook begins part one of his research into the world of Railbox boxcar models, while associate editor Tony Lucio shows us how to repower and detail an old Tyco Alco C430. All this and more in the Winter 2017 issue of HO Collector!


Spring 2017

Vol. 1, No. 1


Pacific Fast Mail’s SD45 Diesel Locomotive

Brass pioneer importer Pacific Fast Mail moved from its longtime diesel model maker, Tenshodo, to Fujiyama in 1970 for an HO model of EMD’s SD45.

Railbox Models Part One: ACF

Arriving in the mid-1970s, the familiar yellow Railbox has been a regular sight on prototype railroads, as well as HO pikes. Discover the prototypes behind the many models.

Lost and Found Treasures along the Lindberg Line

Introduced in the early 1960s was Lindberg’s HO train line. The company was known for its series of ship, plane, and vehicle kits before entering model railroading.

Bowser Power for TYCO’s Century 430

Ever wished you could run a classic diesel of your youth on your contemporary HO railroad? TYCO’s popular Spirit of ‘76 receives a modern Bowser-made drive.

Inside Bachmann’s Operating Caboose

Operating accessories were once the mainstay of large-scale toy trains, but HO companies have frequently produced these models. See what’s inside this late 1970s operating caboose.

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