Beautiful Boxes in Fourth Quarter 2022 HO Collector

In HO Collector‘s Fourth Quarter 2022 edition, you’ll find an array of classic boxes to appreciate, along with the awesome models that came in these now-vintage packages. Co-Editor Tony Lucio presents ACME’s Switch Control Panel as one of the features in this 68-page issue.

Charlie Getz covers a childhood favorite of his… Aristo-Craft’s die-cast steam locomotive releases. See this collection of Japanese-made HO replicas imported and sold by the famous Polk Brothers in this article.


The battery-powered Hobo F7 promised two-train operation in the 1950s from a single power pack with no special wiring. The box promised much, what was inside? Co-Editor Tony Lucio will show you an example of this much-forgotten curiosity.

Do you have a sample of Star Hobby’s Flashing Electric Billboards in your collection? You’ll want one after reading Co-Editor Tony Lucio’s look at this neat 1950s HO-scale offering in our Fourth Quarter 2022 edition.

Finally, get ready for a much-requested feature… Co-Editor Tony Lucio presents two SD40-2 diesel locomotive models introduced in the early 1980s. GSB Rail and North American Diesel’s SD40-2s will be documented in compared in HO Collector‘s Fourth Quarter 2022 edition.



Read the complete article and see more color pictures by picking up a copy of the 4th Quarter edition available in October 2022!


This article was posted on: August 18, 2022