4th QUARTER 2021: Do you have a Baltimore & Ohio “Timesaver” boxcar in your collection? Who doesn’t? How many were made in HO and how many existed in real life? Co-editor Tony Lucio begins a series on these popular blue boxcars in the latest issue of HO Collector.

Current Issue

Fourth Quarter 2021

Vol. 5, No. 4


What Timesaver Is It… or Know Your Timesaver

The first of a two-part survey of Baltimore & Ohio Timesaver boxcars.

Aurora’s Gas Station

A look at one of the more sought-after structure kits of all time.

Tower 55’s Collectible GEVO

Can a model of a contemporary diesel locomotive be collectible?

My Life at Life-Like Part II: Facilities and Marketing

by Tim Garner — Tim Garner continues his tales of working for Life-Like.

TYCO’s Last Best Year: 1982

It was a year full of rare releases and a turning point for the company’s train line.

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