Coming Soon: An Intro to Revell Trains

Coming Soon: An Intro to Revell Trains

Frequently requested by our readers, we’ll take a look at Revell’s line of model trains launched in the mid-1950s. While only offered for a few years, there were many interesting catalogued items that today’s collectors continue to seek out.

Operating Hopper

Operating Coal Hopper

An all-time classic accessory that saw availability in HO scale from several manufacturers. As part of this issue’s coverage of Revell, you’ll see that company’s example of this operating accessory and others.

Burlington Northern

Burlington Northern turns 50

A half century ago Burlington Northern arrived on the North American railroad scene. HO Collector will take a look at the earliest examples of releases decorated for BN.

Athearn Caboose

Athearn’s Original International Caboose

In recent months, several all-new high-end reproductions of International Car Co. caboose prototypes have begun arriving in HO scale. Athearn has several coming including wide-vision examples. See the hobby manufacturer’s first wide-vision caboose in the next edition of HO Collector.

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This article was posted on: January 20, 2020