Coming Soon: Krauss-Maffei by AHM Rivarossi

Coming Soon: Krauss-Maffei by AHM Rivarossi

HO Collector’s second edition arrives this spring with AHM’s Krauss-Maffei on its cover! David Otte will examine this 1960s unique diesel hydraulic model. Learn about the prototype and discover more about this popular release!

Looking for more horsepower, Southern Pacific and Rio Grande imported diesel hydraulics from Krauss-Maffei of Germany in the early 1960s. An HO model followed imported from Italy by Associated Hobby Manufacturers (AHM).

This interesting 1960s HO-scale reproduction of Krauss-Maffei’s ML-4000 is well remembered and remains a favorite among collectors. The model was among the first Rivarossi-made offerings for AHM’s product line.

Though painting everything for Santa Fe’s famous red-and-silver Warbonnet seemed to be a rule to follow in the hobby at time of this model’s release, AHM-Rivarossi stuck with prototype looks for the ML-4000.

Check out the tooling on the truck sideframes of AHM-Rivarossi’s HO-scale Krauss-Maffei ML-4000! The under-shank coupler pocket betrays this model’s European origins. The deep flanges add a challenge for contemporary operators desiring to run one of these beasts on their model railroads. Take an in-depth survey of this interesting and unique HO offering in HO Collector!

AHM Rivarossi Krauss-Maffei

Journey back with David Otte in the second edition of HO Collector and enjoy an examination of Krauss-Maffei’s diesel hydraulic. If you don’t have an example in your collection now, you’ll doubtless be looking for at least one after you pick up the second issue of HO Collector available this spring!

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This article was posted on: March 30, 2017