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HO Collector Transitions to Annual Publication in 2024

HO Collector Magazine will transition to annual publication following the Fourth Quarter 2023 issue.

HO Collector Transitions to Annual Publication in 2024


PALESTINE, TEXAS — White River Productions is excited to announce the transition of O Scale Trains Magazine and HO Collector to annual publications, with the first edition to be produced in 2024.

“Changes, especially in front-loaded expenses related to newsstand distribution, have led to the decision to transition these titles to annual publications,” said Kevin EuDaly, president of White River Productions. “Both titles have a significant and very loyal following, and future annual editions will continue to serve those audiences.”

Besides the annuals, HO Collector editor Tony Cook said, “Readers can look forward to regular collector-oriented content to appear in Model Railroad News.” Additionally, Tony’s “Collector Consist” column exploring hobby history will continue to make regular appearances in Railroad Model Craftsman.

Similarly, O Scale Trains readers will be able to find some of that publication’s feature content making its way into the pages of RMC.

Editors Tony Cook and Martin Brechbiel will both be involved in the new annual publications, which are scheduled for production in the third quarter of 2024.


The Fourth Quarer 2023  issue will be the last HO Collector magazine produced. Anyone with a subscription beyond that issue will receive the 2024 HO Collector Annual free.

The final issue of O Scale Trains will be the January-February 2024 issue, and similarly, anyone with a subscription beyond that issue will receive a free copy of the 2024 O Scale Trains Annual.

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This article was posted on: June 29, 2023