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Attention Collectors: New York Central Pacemaker “Commodore Vanderbilt” is TrainWorld exclusive in HO

New York’s TrainWorld/TrainLand will offer two New York Central road numbers (5342 and 5343) decorated in a fantasy “Pacemaker” livery as exclusive releases in the first production of Broadway Limited Imports’ new HO-scale 4-6-2 “Commodore Vanderbilt” steam locomotive due during during the second half of 2022.

Attention Collectors: New York Central Pacemaker “Commodore Vanderbilt” is TrainWorld exclusive in HO

Looks what’s coming down the tracks from New York’s TrainWorld/TrainLand… not one, but two New York Central “Pacemaker” livery “Commodore Vanderbilt” steam locomotives in HO scale. The model will be Broadway Limited Imports all-new sleek and unique 4-6-2 Commodore Vanderbilt HO-scale Paragon 4 model in a special red-and-gray fantasy livery.

Broadway Limited Imports plans accurate reproductions of New York Central’s 5344 in both spoked driver and disk driver versions. TrainWorld’s pair (5342 and 5343) of NYC Pacemaker 4-6-2s using the Commodore Vanderbilt tooling will be disk driver editions (note the round openings on the three large driving wheels versus the more traditional spoked appearance).

Just like Broadway Limited Imports’ HO-scale release, this special NYC Pacemaker offering will come with factory-installed Digital Command Control (with back EMF) and sound output (featuring BLI’s latest Paragon 4 system). Additional features of this release will be synchronized puffing smoke with chuff sound (you can control the smoke output intensity and timing), prototypical lighting with cab illumination, reverse light on tender, and headlight up front (all individually controllable), with rubber traction tires for enhanced pulling power.

The locomotive body will include a heavy die-cast metal boiler with separately applied handrails, grab irons, ladders, piping, cab glass, whistle, bell, and more details included on both locomotive and tender. TrainWorld lists delivery by end of 2022 for their exclusive NYC Pacemaker 4-6-2s and the regular release Broadway Limited offerings.




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This article was posted on: August 18, 2022