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TrainWorld’s Exclusive Santa Fe Blackbonnet in HO scale

Sure to be a collector’s item, this model is a “Future Collectibles” that you can buy now from TrainWorld.

TrainWorld’s Exclusive Santa Fe Blackbonnet in HO scale

Legend has it, this combination of Santa Fe’s famous red Warbonnet applied to a black locomotive was an error. When EMD’s F3s were new, Lionel and General Motors collaborated on the design and tooling for an O-gauge replica. The first Lionel O-gauge F3s shown in an advance catalog included New York Central and Santa Fe. The photo provided Lionel’s catalog artist was black & white and the image was such that the stainless steel gave off a dark reflection and the model illustration showed a black with red locomotive! The production models came in appropriate and accurate silver with red; however, that curious catalog illustration nagged collectors and enthusiasts for years.

ABOVE: No, Santa Fe did not have Warbonnet F-units with a black body and red and yellow warbonnet design. It has become a collector point of interest and TrainWorld brings this Lionel O-gauge look to Broadway Limited Imports’ HO-scale F3A in an exclusive release.

Lionel and others have reproduced this interesting scheme in miniature on more than just F-units over the years. This new model arrives from TrainWorld in HO with Broadway Limited Imports’ newest Paragon 4 electronics. There are two road numbers available Santa Fe 2233 (6670) and 2234 (6671). TrainWorld will follow this amazing exclusive offering with a Broadway Limited HO-scale General Electric ES44AC GEVO in HO and N decorated in this black warbonnet scheme (due later this year).


This article was posted on: April 12, 2022