Coming Soon: An Intro to Cox Trains

Coming Soon: An Intro to Cox Trains

Introduced for the 1971 holiday season, Cox moved into the HO-scale electric train market with a series of train sets and additional items. The line received a major makeover for 1974 and remained in the U.S. and Canada into the 1970s. Examples of the tooling returned under a number of different hobby companies. Train sets and basic operating accessories and buildings will be a complimentary product for this cover story. Tony Cook gives an overview of Cox’s time in the HO-scale train market in the 2nd Quarter 2018 HO Collector.

E60 Electric Locomotive

Coming Soon: Exciting Electrics

General Electric’s E60C electric locomotives went into production in 1972 and HO models arrived on the hobby market not long after the prototype’s introduction. Production included multiple versions, including single-ended and dual-ended offerings. For the HO market, American GK and Bachmann produced models. Find out about the prototypes and the models as David Otte presents these exciting electrics. Hobbyists with an interest in electric locomotives and passenger trains will find interest in this feature.

American GK

Coming Soon: American GK and Archaeology

American GK Locomotive Works arrived on the hobby scene in the mid-1970s and announced and promised much for the world of HO. What got produced and what was never made? Find out in, American GK and Archaeology in the 2nd Quarter 2018 HO Collector.

Craftsman Structure Kits

Coming Soon: Revisiting Craftsman Kits

Joe Altnether provides a brief history of the companies involved in a long running series of HO craftsman-level freight car kit releases. You’ll find about Ambroid, Northeastern Scale Models, and Quality Craft Models and the line of kits produced for decades in the new HO Collector. The article will also feature a collector checklist for building your own shelf of “One in 5,000” kits.

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This article was posted on: March 11, 2018