Coming Soon: Varney’s Aerotrain

Coming Soon: Varney’s Aerotrain

Easily one of the most iconic models produced by Varney was General Motors futuristic Aerotrain. Larry Gibbs returns to HO Collector with his second feature article and presents the history of Varney’s Aerotrain model for the 4th Quarter 2018 cover story.

Lionel HO

Intro to Lionel-HO

George Bunza provides an overview of Lionel’s efforts in the HO market. Dating to the 1950s and continuing to contemporary times, Mr. Bunza’s first HO Collector feature will give readers a look at the many incarnations of Lionel-HO.

Aristocraft Steam Engine

Aristocraft Steam Locomotives

By HO Collector reader requests, the 4th Quarter edition will include a look at Aristocraft’s interesting die-cast metal steam locomotives from the early 1960s. Imported from Japan, this group of intriguing offerings include eye-catching packaging and make for a great series to seek out and collect. Tony Cook will present the roster and show examples.

Rivarossi Mallet

Rivarossi’s First Mallet

Arriving in the mid-1960s from Rivarossi in Italy for AHM’s catalog, the Norfolk & Western prototype Y6b 2-8-8-2 is a landmark release for HO. This was the first ready-to-run plastic articulated Mallet-type offering for HO scale. David Otte will examine the model and its prototype.

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This article was posted on: September 27, 2018