Coming this Summer in HO Collector’s Third Quarter 2023 edition!

HO Collector’s Third Quarter edition has several interesting articles and a first-time appearance in the publication for German-builder Marklin.

Marklin’s 2023 catalog includes announcements for retro releases featuring vintage tooling and boxes with the manufacturer’s 1960s look. Based on items from Marklin’s 1964/65 catalog, these new throwback models (coming in late 2023/early 2024) inspires this HO Collector survey of the company six decades ago. This article looks at the 1964/65 catalog highlighted with the 2023 announcements and you’ll see several vintage HO-scale Marklin releases (both North American- and European-prototype) in this article.



Read this article and more in the Third Quarter edition available in summer 2023!


This article was posted on: March 31, 2023