Suydam and more in Second Quarter 2023

Due in April 2023, HO Collector’s Second Quarter edition has several interesting articles and first-time appearance for well-remembered kit maker Suydam.


This Second Quarter 2023 edition will present “A Survey of Suydam” with a look at the many kits offered by the company in those bright yellow boxes. This article will include an examination of kit samples, reproductions of vintage catalogs and advertising materials, and a collector’s list for Suydam kits.

Contributor Rick Tonet, the author of “An Intro to Gilbert HO” from HO Collector’s Third Quarter 2017 edition, returns with a feature on his favorite Gilbert HO freight car. Rick shares the interesting history of the American Flyer Pike Master-series HO-scale gondola.

In addition to its series of building and rolling stock kits, Suydam was an importer of fine brass replicas. Produced in Japan, these HO releases reproduced interurban electric prototypes. Collector Dan Haneckow shares his passion and knowledge on this series.



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This article was posted on: February 17, 2023