Is It All About The Box?

A box doesn’t have to be flashy to be attractive. This Kar-Line package makes it mark in basic black with some bold type. Kar-Line is featured in HO Collector‘s Fourth Quarter 2022 edition.

Is It All About The Box?

A running theme in HO Collector‘s Fourth Quarter 2022 edition is the enticing packaging provided to models. Whether you are talking vintage HO from the mid-20th century to today’s excellent efforts, a box is the first impression for many of what they purchased and helps set the stage or base for your enjoyment of a release.

ABOVE: Some boxes serve to show you what is inside. This Tru-Scale Models Ready-Bilt Homes offering let the buyer see the HO structure waiting inside.

Operating Hopper

ABOVE: Revell’s Operating Hopper Set entices the buyer with artwork depicting a realistic scene of what could be on your pike by buying this release.

Where is your collecting focus? Do you want only the model? Do you need the original box and all inner materials in place to consider a model a quality addition to your collection?



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This article was posted on: August 18, 2022