Fifth Anniversary for HO Collector

Going in CirclesAs I was finishing up the layout on the 4th Quarter 2021 edition of HO Collector, I emailed co-editor Tony Lucio and the publication’s proofreader Pamela Luce with a heads up on when to expect a proof to look over… I mentioned that with this issue, we are completing five years of publishing. I stated it didn’t seem like it’s been five years, and the responses from Tony and Pam agreed.

It seems it wasn’t that long ago that I sat down with White River Productions founders and owners Kevin and Nadean EuDaly and stated that I thought there might be interest in a quarterly magazine devoted to HO history and collecting these now-vintage 1:87 models.

Each year, HO Collector’s numbers have grown. The emails and letters have confirmed the interest in this magazine’s subject, and it’s a delight to learn new things and hear the shared enthusiasm for all things vintage HO scale. Coming in 2022, watch for more from HO Collector, including Athearn coverage as it celebrates 75 years in the hobby.

HO Collector’s content and focus remains constant with the original concept and this seems well received by readers. The additions in the last year of “Brass From The Past” and the more recent “Future Collectibles” have garnered positive response and will continue.

One comment that we do hear with some frequency is the desire for more topics in each issue. This is a challenge, as many of the subjects covered may not warrant a revisit or multiple presentations, and thus getting all known facts and information included is important. (Though I can agree that every issue ends up with topics that I had contemplated or began working on, only to realize space would not allow their appearance at that time.) For 2022, the publication grows from 48- to 68-pages.

Thank you for your support of HO Collector and we look forward to documenting more hobby history in the future. — Tony Cook

This article was posted on: December 26, 2021