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Renwal Bridge and Pier Set

Renwal is an uncommon name in hobby history. The company stuck with accessories for its HO line of products. This is the box for Renwal’s Bridge and Pier Set.

Renwal Bridge and Pier Set

Among the product lines in the HO Collector archive, Renwal is one being researched and documented for a future article in the magazine. The company offered several accessories for the HO market. Perhaps the most basic of its releases was this Bridge and Pier Set.

This is part of the instruction sheet for Renwal’s Bridge and Pier Set and shows other items in the company’s line. Some of these releases went on to appear in other hobby manufacturer catalogs.


HOC 2020-03You’ll find Renwal’s Coaling Station included in the 3rd Quarter 2020 HO Collector!

This article was posted on: November 9, 2020