TYCO’s 7603Q Train Set

One of two unique items in TYCO’s Bubble Yum train set was this red 50-foot plug-door boxcar carrying the bubble gum’s logo.

TYCO’s 7603Q Train Set

Among the items on the radar of your HO Collector editors are promotional train sets. These can be challenging offerings to determine year of release and specific items included, etc. Due to their uncommon and uncatalogued status, they can be pricey items to add to one’s collection.

ABOVE: TYCO’s other unique item in its Bubble Yum set was this truck and trailer.

TYCO produced several promotional train sets in the 1980s. Among them are Bubble Yum and Chef Boyardee offerings each powered by red-and-silver Santa Fe GP20 diesel locomotive with a few freight cars, caboose, power pack, and circle of steel-rail section track. There are others from this era, TYCO did a Corn King set with a steam locomotive in the 1980s. Each of these mentioned sets include a specially decorated 50-foot boxcar model and some include more unique collectibles, such as the Bubble Yum trailer pictured here.

– Tony Cook, co-editor



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This article was posted on: November 30, 2020