Coming in HO Collector’s 3rd Quarter 2021 edition…

Life-Like Kentucky Fried Chicken Kit

Life-Like’s short-lived McDonald’s restaurant kit from 1970 is a legendary collectable and was important in hobby history, as the company didn’t have an agreement in place with the famous hamburger chain and the kit was withdrawn. A few years later, Life-Like introduced a Kentucky Fried Chicken kit. Did history repeat itself? No, the kit remains available to this day and you’ll learn the story behind its development.



Rebuilding AHM’s Flexi-Flo

Many hobbyists enjoy working with vintage tooling for craftsman-level projects to create amazing reproductions from basic models. Brian Banna will take the classic AHM Flexi-Flo hopper and show you his process for turning this into an eye-catching model.

Matchbox Railroad

Mantua produced a special edition train set in the 1990s decorated for Matchbox Railroad. This was one of a handful of Matchbox-branded offerings produced in cooperation between the two companies. See this sought-after set in this edition of HO Collector.


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This article was posted on: April 27, 2021