Coming in HO Collector’s 3rd Quarter 2021 edition…

Life-Like Kentucky Fried Chicken Kit

Life-Like’s short-lived McDonald’s restaurant kit from 1970 is a legendary collectable and was important in hobby history, as the company didn’t have an agreement in place with the famous hamburger chain and the kit was withdrawn. A few years later, Life-Like introduced a Kentucky Fried Chicken kit. Did history repeat itself? No, the kit remains available to this day and you’ll learn the story behind its development.

Alco’s Uncommon Century in HO

Among Alco’s 1960s “Century Series” was a center-cab switcher that sold only a few examples to railroads, but quickly came to HO via a new hobby manufacturer. That hobby line failed, but the C-415 enjoyed a second and third life in the hobby. Find out about the prototype and the history of this interesting model.

Rebuilding AHM’s Flexi-Flo

Many hobbyists enjoy working with vintage tooling for craftsman-level projects to create amazing reproductions from basic models. Brian Banna will take the classic AHM Flexi-Flo hopper and show you his process for turning this into an eye-catching model.

Matchbox Railroad

Mantua produced a special edition train set in the 1990s decorated for Matchbox Railroad. This was one of a handful of Matchbox-branded offerings produced in cooperation between the two companies. See this sought-after set in this edition of HO Collector.


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This article was posted on: April 27, 2021