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Florida, Gulf & Atlantic SD40-2 collectible from TrainWorld

Florida, Gulf & Atlantic SD40-2 collectible from TrainWorld

This Broadway Limited Imports’ SD40-2 decorated for Florida, Gulf & Atlantic (FGAR) would be a model that some time in the future I might see and wonder where it came from! This is one of two road numbers produced in a 2021 production from Broadway Limited Imports for FGAR; in addition to 7156 there is a similar scheme SD40-2 carrying road number 8143.

ABOVE: These TrainWorld-exclusive releases, like the regular release SD40-2 offerings in this production, come in a new package.

At a glance, these might have you thinking they are models based on prototypes from the 1970s and the U.S. Bicentennial of 1976. Not the case, though Electro-Motive Division’s SD40-2 was around for most of the 1970s, these are miniatures reproducing in service looks for this Florida short line.

ABOVE: The patriotic decoration makes for an eye-catching SD40-2 model.

These fully assembled HO-scale SD40-2 diesel locomotive models come with Broadway Limited’s latest Paragon4 electronics. This new version includes several enhancements, including a power capacitor that will keep this locomotive running across short stretches of dirty track and across rails with poor electrical conductivity.


This article was posted on: September 15, 2021