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Tetsudo-Moki-Sha Rio Grande Boxcar

Tetsudo-Moki-Sha Rio Grande Boxcar

Assumed to be from the 1950s, this HO-scale boxcar model is a Tetusdo-Mokei-Sha (TMS) offering produced in Japan. The 40-foot sliding-door boxcar features wood and metal components.

ABOVE: The floor and roof section are wood, while the sides, ends, and roof top are stamped metal, as are doors, grab irons, ladders, and additional details.

This HO boxcar model appears to follow a common design of this era with painted and decorated car sides.


ABOVE: No stirrup steps are present on this assembled example; however, beyond this omission it is a well-appointed example of this prototype for 1950s era HO scale.

There are many other Tetsudo-Mokei-Sha releases (both motive power and rolling stock) from this time. An empty clear parts bag in this example included Tenshodo Model Section and Japanese origin information. Pacific Fast Mail imported many Tenshodo releases to North America, but this is not found in PFM catalogs from the time. Collectors with information are invited to contact HO Collector’s editorial team with additional reference on this series of HO models.

This article was posted on: June 23, 2021